Specialising in high-end, contemporary residential architecture, AXO approaches each new project with renewed focus and creativity. Every client’s specific lifestyle, tastes, desires and budget are taken into account to design a living space the exudes both personality and functionality. The result is homes that make a statement, while benefiting from carefully incorporated timeless features.

In the commercial and industrial sector, longevity, marketability and “curb-appeal” are essential. AXO’s design approach ensures that its commercial and industrial architecture projects deliver aesthetically pleasing buildings, which aren’t only fully functional but state of the art too. These projects are carefully considered to ensure the finished product will appeal to a broad range of potential clientele and investors, contributing to the commercial success of the property.

Interior Design

Designing a beautiful home or building is only a portion of the job. To achieve the desired overall result, AXO offers professional space planning, finishing detailing and furniture placement. With decades of experience in planning, research, procurement, coordination and project management we deliver unique, contemporary spaces. Each project is customised to complement the building design. With this specialised approach, customers enjoy a hassle free, seamless interior design process.